To complete the process of becoming a Family PACT provider or certifying a site you must complete all required orientation courses. Please resgister for courses by selecting "In Person" or "Online Courses" from the menu at the left.

The Family PACT Provider Orientation training provides an overview of comprehensive family planning, program benefits and services, client eligibility and enrollment, and provider responsibilities and compliance.

Please note: Medi-Cal providers applying to become a Family PACT provider are required to complete both the online trainings and attend the in person training per Welfare and Institutions Code § 24005(k).

Solo providers, group providers, or primary care clinics are eligible to apply for enrollment in the Family PACT program if they currently have a National Provider Identifier (NPI) and are enrolled in Medi-Cal in good standing.

Intermittent clinics, as defined by Health and Safety Code (H&S Code) § 1206(h), and mobile clinics, as defined by H&S Codes, § 1765.120, 1765.150 and 1765.155, must apply for enrollment in the Family PACT program using their organizational NPI. The organizational NPI must be enrolled in Medi-Cal in good standing.

The medical director, physician, nurse practitioner, or certified nurse midwife responsible for overseeing the family planning services to be rendered at the site to be enrolled is eligible to certify a site. Site certifiers shall sign a statement affirming responsibility.

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