In Person Orientation

The In-Person Provider Orientation session is a requirement for all site certifiers.

Please note: Participants must complete the Online Orientation before registering for the In-Person Orientation. SIte certifiers must attend an In-Person Orientation session within six (6) months of the date of initial Family PACT enrollment.

If you have not registered for the Online Orientation course you may do so here: REGISTER 

All of the information you entered when registering for the online course is saved and you will not have to fill out the form again.

The following dates are currently scheduled. Please check back for future dates.

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Oct 4, 2018
Distance Learning
0 Credit Hours

Prevention and Management of IUD Complications

The purpose of the webinar is to provide clinicians who are doing IUD placements with advanced skills to prevent and manage the uncommon complications that can occur with the placement and use of IUDs. It consists of case studies that detail the management of difficult IUD placements owing to cervical stenoisis, morbid obesity, and vasovagal syncope. Management of IUD complications, including uterine perforation, tenaculum site injuries, and post-IUD placement infection will be discussed. The work-up and management of the patient with a "missing IUD string", including variants of malpositioned IUDs and intrauterine pregnancy with an IUD in place, will be detailed as well. Pain management related to IUD placement will not be covered in this webinar, but will be the subject of a separate OFP-sponsored program.
Dec 11, 2018
Los Angeles, CA
4 Credit Hours

In Person Provider Orientation

The Family PACT Provider Orientation training provides an overview of the Family PACT program, provider enrollment process, program standards and benefits, and client eligibility and enrollment.

All providers and their staff are welcome to register for both the online Provider Orientation training (Modules 1 thru 7) and in person Provider Orientation training (Module 8) either as a refresher and/or for updates.

Please note: Medi-Cal providers applying to become a Family PACT provider are required to complete both the online training and attend the in person training per Welfare and Institutions Code § 24005(k).

Solo providers, group providers, or primary care clinics are eligible to apply for enrollment in the Family PACT program if they currently have a National Provider Identifier (NPI) and are enrolled in Medi-Cal in good standing.

Intermittent clinics, as defined by Health and Safety Code (H&S Code) § 1206(h), and mobile clinics, as defined by H&S Codes, § 1765.120, 1765.150 and 1765.155, must apply for enrollment in the Family PACT program using their organizational NPI. The organizational NPI must be enrolled in Medi-Cal in good standing.

The medical director, physician, nurse practitioner, or certified nurse midwife responsible for overseeing the family planning services to be rendered at the site to be enrolled is eligible to certify the site. Site certifiers shall sign a statement affirming responsibility.

Please Note: In order to register for the Family PACT Provider Orientation you must have a unique email which will be your unique identifier. If you do not have an email you may create on at the following sites:


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